Auto Body & Collision

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Cosmo’s Five-Step Process will have your car looking brand new!

  1. Body Repair

    Our body repair technicians have mastered eliminating blemishes such as dents and scratches to ensure a flawless finish.

  2. Surface Preparation

    A well prepared surface helps the paint bond to the metal and can prevent minor chips, scratches, cracks and peeling paint. Surface preparation increases the gloss and shine of the final finish and increases the longevity of your paint!

  3. Primer & Sealing

    Sealing with surface primer ensures consistent color and a higher gloss throughout the entire painted surface by establishing a barrier between the old and new paint.

  4. Paint

    We use only the top quality paint matched perfectly to your vehicle’s gloss, color, and metallic appearance.

  5. Clear Coat & Finish

    A clear coat finish protects the paint and can be used to increase gloss.

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